The Young Crusaders

Best Friends, Gamers, Amateur Occult Investigators


A trio of friends and Boston natives, brought together in high school by their love of tabletop gaming and an incident that sparked a hint of supernatural power in each one of them. Though once their interest in the occult was a mere hobby, the recent upswing in strange sightings and inexplicable events in the city have convinced them that something serious and dangerous is going on, and have pooled their talents to investigate.

Robert “Sweet-B” Baxter is a student at Northeastern, paying his way on a partial scholarship supplemented by nighttime gigs as a DJ and sound technician. He is the most serious-minded of the three, keeping immaculate records of their findings and approaches each new case like an science project to be solved. Robert has the ability to manipulate machines similar to “hexing”, though he seems to have more control over the results than an average spell-caster would.

Lucy Blum is an aspiring novelist, majoring in English Literature at Harvard. A timid wallflower born to a wealthy family, she has access to funds and resources that the Crusaders find helpful in their investigations. An avid reader of both ancient mythology and new-age philosophy, Lucy’s base of occult knowledge is broad but varies greatly in its actual usefulness. She also possesses a psychic power that can convince people nearby to ignore her presence; it’s not always reliable, especially around more disciplined minds.

Scott Mayhew (“Scooter”) was an honors student in high school despite his marijuana habit, but put aside the pressures and costs of higher education to become a bike courier instead. He is much cleverer than he looks when he’s sober and willing to pay attention, and among the harebrained conspiracy theories are a lot of good ideas that the team puts to use. Scott has demonstrated a limited ability for astral projection, but only seems able to accomplish it when he’s stoned.

The Young Crusaders

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